How this all works......

You may have noticed a few sentences and points throughout this website that sound different to the traditional model for a business, even a design business. Why do I keep talking about evenings and weekends? That sounds like a hobby style business rather than a professional outfit that can take your vision and create it? Actually, I think I have developed the perfect model for this business. Put simply, I work full time, working on various design and SEO projects, and then dedicate my evenings and weekends to working on No-Oceans commisions.

How can this model work?
It works from a efficiency point of view as I am free to dedicate my time entirely without the distractions of day to day operations. It works from the quality angle as I have large swathes of uninterrupted time to get my head down, and it also works from a cost point of view, as I have only minimal overheads to worry about, meaning all work is costed at uncharacteristically low levels. Basically, this model allows customers to tap into agency level design and marketing services without any of the associated costs.

I hope this makes sense, I can guarantee that you will not notice any difference in the service you receive, or the quality of the work produced.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to get in touch to discuss further.